Who We Are

EndPovertyEdmonton is a community-based initiative aimed at advancing a vision of share prosperity for all, where every Edmontonian has an equal opportunity to live, work, participate and thrive.


--acknowledges that the status quo is not working for all and that we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results;

--aims to end poverty in Edmonton, not to merely manage it or help people cope with it;

--is based on the Collective Impact model of collaboration between government, business, non-profit and other types of organizations

--builds on a strong case for ending poverty on three fronts: the economic argument, the human rights case and the public opinion approach;

--is grounded in the concept of “Nothing about us without us”: that people with the lived experience of poverty are the experts and that solutions must come from them;

--believes that eliminating poverty is a profound act of Reconciliation for Edmonton’s Indigenous community, which is disproportionately impacted by poverty. 

This initiative is building on a legacy of work in our city and province around finding innovative solutions to poverty. In particular, EndPovertyEdmonton is founded on the work of the City’s 2012/13 Steering Committee to Eliminate Poverty, the Poverty Reduction Strategy of the Alberta Government, Edmonton Community Foundation and the work of the United Way of the Alberta Capital Region. This reflects our belief that building a community where everyone prospers means we all need to work together. 

EndPovertyEdmonton task force members represented many perspectives from the business sector, academia, faith and social services, health care and the Government of Alberta.

Our Vision

Eliminate poverty in Edmonton in a generation.

Our Mission

To convene, coordinate and broker innovative partnerships, advocate for policy changes and build the capacity of Edmontonians to take action to end poverty. 

Guiding Principles

The EndPovertyEdmonton model of stewardship is founded on 6 guiding principles, rooted in Collective Impact theory, to shape its journey.

Authentic--rooted in local needs and our Indigenous community, equitable and inclusive

Adaptive--nimble, strategic and iterative

Sustainable--policy resilient, able to outlive short political terms

Innovative--a launching pad for innovation and sharing of ideas and learnings

Shared Accountability--based on clear multi partner commitments

Distributed Leadership--a community owned plan with a shared vision

Our Definition of Poverty 

Edmontonians experience poverty when they lack or are denied economic, social and cultural resources to have a quality of life that sustains and facilitates full and meaningful participation in the community.

A city that looks out for its most vulnerable is a city that succeeds.”
— Mayor Don Iveson

Exploring Solutions

The Mayor's Task Force to Eliminate Poverty was established in 2014, co-chaired by Mayor Don Iveson and Bishop Jane Alexander. The Task Force included 7 Working Groups to address key priorities around poverty: early childhood development education, health and wellness, housing and transportation, community well-being, economic security and justice and democratic participation. The Task Force consulted and engaged with more than 3,000 Edmontonians over two years to come up with 400 recommendations, which were informed by evidence and the experience of those who have lived in poverty. These recommendations eventually formed the 35 Priority Actions organized under 6 Game Changers listed in the EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map.

EndPovertyEdmonton is about advancing innovation and change through Game Changer actions on two fronts: first, those that will have an immediate, cascading impact on Edmontonians affected by poverty and, second, those that will shift long-term policy, attitudes and systems change.
— Dr. Jeff Bisanz, University of Alberta

Moving to Action

In December 2016, Edmonton City Council voted unanimously to invest in the progressive EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map, a community action plan to end poverty and create shared prosperity for all Edmontonians. 14 Road Map actions began in 2017, including establishing EndPoverty Edmonton as a community entity and the creation of the Edmonton Community Development Corporation. Most importantly, EndPovertyEdmonton will continue to engage and mobilize the hearts and minds of Edmontonians as a key part of the solution to end poverty in our city.

In 2017, EndPoverty Edmonton is moving to action as a convening entity supported by the City of Edmonton, the United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and the Edmonton Community Foundation.

I don’t think it’s going to be easy but we actually believe it’s possible — what might we bring to the table to make it work? It’s a fantastically courageous conversation to be having.”
— Bishop Jane Alexander, Former Co-Chair, EndPoverty Edmonton

Join the Conversation

Ending poverty benefits us all, and we’re embarking on a city-wide conversation about it. Our approaches to ending poverty — even the ways we talk about poverty — are evolving.

There is no one simple solution, and finding solutions takes the entire community. We invite you to raise your voice, share your opinions and be part of this conversation. 

Let's end poverty together.