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Our approaches to ending poverty  —  even the ways we talk about poverty — are evolving. We invite you to raise your voice, share your opinions and be part of the conversation. 


Here are the facts:


Edmontonians are currently living in poverty.

That’s about 1 in 8 of our citizens who make less than $16,968 per year for a single person and  $33,936 per year for a family of four.


Edmontonians working full-time earn less than $15/hr.

Many of those people who are struggling to make ends meet include women, lone parent families and recent immigrants to our city.

$7-9 Billion

The annual cost of poverty
in Alberta. 

This works out to $2700 every year for each taxpayer. Managing poverty costs us our future when our children are too hungry to learn.

I know poverty is a complex issue, and there’s no quick fix. It’s a bold goal, but we are not afraid to take it on.”
— Mayor Don Iveson