EPE Investment Collective

The EndPovertyEdmonton Investment Collective is comprised of key Road Map funding partners who believe in the priority need to end poverty in our community. It includes representatives from the City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, Edmonton Community Foundation, Stollery Foundation, and the Government of Canada.

Each Road Map action is funded independently, coming together under a common goal, but without a common funding mechanism. In this way, collective members, other funders and independent agencies taking action on poverty have the ability to tailor needs to fit circumstance.

Under the direction of the Investment Collection, Road Map action initiatives are asked to contribute to common reporting, including funding sources, in order for EndPovertyEdmonton to fully understand the scope and impact of poverty initiatives in our city.

EPE Investment Collective Table Members 

Martin Garber-Conrad.jpg

Martin Garber-Conrad, CEO Edmonton Community Foundation, Chair EPE Investment Collective

Martin Garber-Conrad is the Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton Community Foundation, the fourth largest community foundation in Canada, with assets of more than $500 million.

After a brief stint designing resource industry training programs, Martin has spent most of his career leading non-profit organizations.  His accomplishments include several social housing projects, restoring/repurposing historic buildings and starting a social enterprise—Kids in the Hall Bistro—in Edmonton’s City Hall.

At the Foundation, Martin’s interests include their ten-year old Social Enterprise Fund which has successfully loaned $30 million to more than 50 charities and non-profits in Edmonton and takes a leadership role in the developing social finance movement in Canada.

Martin’s current passion and preoccupation is Edmonton’s new Community Development Corporation, in response to the EndPovertyEdmonton strategy.


Michael Phair, Co-Chair EPE SRT

Michael Phair served as a City Councillor for 15 years, during which time he directed Council initiatives on homelessness and housing policy, the inclusion on the ‘next generation’ social policies. He initiated a water conservation program and contributed to the creation and funding of the Edmonton Arts Council. He also co-chaired a Council-led initiative on housing for low-income Edmontonians, which became Edmonton’s Cornerstones Program. He serves on numerous boards including the Edmonton Social Planning Council, Homeward Trust, the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society, Sage Seniors Association and NeWest Publishing. He founded, and is past chair, of the HIV Edmonton Society and helped create the EndPovertyEdmonton Task Force. He has also served as an adjunct professor with the Institute of Sexual Minority Studies and Services, at the U of A’s Faculty of Education. Mr. Phair is currently Chair of the University of Alberta Board of Governors, and the Executive Director of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society.


Judy Smith, City of Edmonton


Allan Undheim, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Cheryl Whiskeyjack.jpeg

Cheryl Whiskeyjack, Executive Director, Bent Arrow, Co-Chair EPE SRT

Cheryl has served her entire career with Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, starting as a youth work and growing into her current position of executive director. Cheryl proudly serves as a board member of the Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services and the Align Association of Community Services. She has contributed to the work of End Poverty Edmonton since its inception as a member of the original Aboriginal Round Table and the current Indigenous Circle. She acts as a mentor for the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations Executive Director Mentorship program. Cheryl is proud of the strong partnerships she has maintained across sectors. She also represents Bent Arrow through C5, a collaborative partnership of five non-profits representing over 30,000 Edmontonians.