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After Black Friday & Cyber Monday... Giving Tuesday

GivingTuesday is the non-profit sectors response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It encourages people across Canada and around the world to support the charities they value most in the lead up to the holiday season. It takes place on the first Tuesday of December – which means that this year it will be on DECEMBER 1ST!

In the lead up to December 1st, Canada Without Poverty(CWP)  will feature the different campaigns and projects that you could support on GivingTuesday;

1. The Poverty Progress Profiles –snapshots of poverty from across the country that help us understand what is exactly being done to address this persistent social issue.

2. Our Economic and Social Rights Online Course – a chance for advocates, anti-poverty workers and people living in poverty to learn about their rights and how to claim them.

3. Sending CWP to the UN – change can’t happen without informed leaders and policy makers.  The UN system allows civil society groups like CWP to have the floor and explain what we see on the ground and how it affects poor people in Canada.

Your support is incredibly important to our work. It helps amplify the voices of people in poverty and allows CWP to continue our work in protecting the dignity and human rights of those in poverty.

On December 1st , add one more item to your holiday list: make an impact on the lives of the 4.8 million people across Canada who live in poverty.