Calling Community Connectors and Business Leaders

Are you interested in doing business with the City of Edmonton?  We are hoping to involve existing and would-be operators of social enterprises and local (and minority) businesses. We’re exploring what options exist in how the City does business. 

By changing the procurement (purchasing) rules and approaches, it might be possible to open up opportunities for many more local businesses to contract with the City of Edmonton.  For the new approach to succeed, we need to make sure that community-owned enterprises are able and ready to respond to the opportunities when they arise. We also need to be clear on what the community can supply – and at what scale.  With this in mind, we are hosting two workshops on leveraging community value through social procurement.  One is held during the day; the other on the weekend. 

Spending Can Build Community

Local government spends millions buying goods and services every year.  We know that these purchasing decisions can be more than financial transactions – they are opportunities to build healthy communities. EndPovertyEdmonton is exploring how the City of Edmonton can expand its buying from local small businesses and social enterprises; how it can leverage the dollars it spends to provide more direct benefit to our communities. 

Exploration in Workshops

In conjunction with Buy Social(TM), we are holding workshops on social procurement - how small business and social enterprises might participate in shaping and reaping the benefits of a new approach to purchasing at the City of Edmonton.

Who Should Attend

Who should come to the Social Procurement Workshops?

  • Local businesses and social enterprises wanting to increase their sales

  • People who want to start small businesses or social enterprises and are looking to identify markets for their goods or services

  • People who are  looking for opportunities to sell to the City or to the City’s big suppliers

Join Us

Friday April 5th from 9:00 – 1:00

United Way located at 15132 Stony Plain Road in the Winspear Room (basement).

The closest bus stops are 150 St & Stony Plain Road coming from the east and 153 St & Stony Plain Road coming from the west. We have elevator access to the workshop room.


Saturday April 6th from 1:00 – 4:00

Action for Healthy Communities located at #100, 10578-113 Street in the Ballroom. 

The closest bus stop is on 112 St. and 107 Avenue. 

Please RSVP or direct question to Susannah Cameron or call 780-443-8350.