EndPovertyEdmonton Community Engagement

The month of October has been exciting for EndPovertyEdmonton as we have been able to engage thousands of Edmontonians about our strategy. All the input has helped us to validate the strategy and has provided invaluable information on how we can strengthen it.

However, this is just the beginning. We are continually looking for ways to engage with all Edmontonians and to find ways to change the conversation around poverty elimination and shift attitudes. With all of these dialogues, the goal is to make the EndPovertyEdmonton strategy a comprehensive community plan where all sectors and all Edmontonians can see how they can make a difference.

Here is a list of all the community engagement sessions that we have hosted so far.

Sept 18                 EPE Launch at MacCauley school. Over 250 in attendance

Sept 29                 Chamber of Commerce engagement. 40 attendees

Oct 1                      U of A Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. 10 attendees

Oct 2                      Skills Society Impact Day. 45 attendees.

Oct 3                      WAVE symposium. 90 attendees.

Oct 5                      Lived experience engagement. 25 attendees

Oct 6                      Lived experience engagement. 28 attendees

Oct 7                      Lived experience engagement. 30 attendees

Oct 14                   City of Edmonton staff. 65 attendees

Oct 14                   City Hall school (grades 10-12). 70 students

Oct 19                   City of Edmonton staff. 100 attendees

Oct 20                   Community Leaders forum. 100 attendees.

Oct 21                   Open House. City Hall. Over 100 visitors

Oct 21                   City Hall school. (grade 6 class). 25 students

Oct 21                   Chamber of Commerce. Business week mixer. Over 100 visitors.

Oct 22                   Open House. Clareview Recreation Centre. Over 150 visitors

Oct 23                   Urban Aboriginal Strategy Engagement- Education. 35 attendees

Oct 24                   Open House. Terwillegar Recreation Centre. Over 250 visitors.

Oct 25                   Homeless Connect engagement. Over 300 visitors.

Oct 27                   Capital Region Housing Residents engagement.  9 participants

Oct 27                   Young adult leaders- Somali community. 25 participants

Oct 28                   City Hall school (grade 6 class). 25 students

Oct 29                   Interfaith Housing Initiative engagement. 40 attendees.

Ongoing               Online Survey. Close to 1,200 respondents.


Upcoming engagements

Nov 2                    Families First Edmonton meeting

Nov 2                    Engagement with Capital Region Housing Residents

Nov 4                    City Hall school.

Nov 5                    Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Nov 9                    Engagement with Urban Aboriginal Strategy - Housing

Nov 27                  Urban Aboriginal Strategy  -Children & Family Services

Dec 17                   Engagement with Urban Aboriginal Strategy - Summation 


There is a movement growing!

At all the engagement sessions we have given people the opportunity to sign up to become an EndPovertyEdmonton Ambassador. We are working now to find ways that Ambassadors can  directly involved either through working on a project, becoming an advocate for change or helping us spread the word and change attitudes of what poverty is. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador yourself, you can sign up here.

Also, if your school, organization or business would like someone to talk to your group about the EndPovertyEdmonton Strategy and ways that they can get involved please email Dallas.dyson@edmonton.ca