City council unanimously approves EPE Strategy

December 15th was a landmark day as City council unanimously approved the EndPovertyEdmonton Strategy. Since we first presented the Strategy to City council on September 22nd we have engaged thousands of Edmontonians and have refined the Strategy based on the feedback we heard. (Click the links for the full reports on the in person engagement sessions and the feedback from the online survey).

During the meeting, Councilors heard a presentation from Bishop Jane Alexander, Catrin Owen and Carmen McNary. The presenters spoke about the intensive community engagement and its outcomes, the genesis of a community movement and the building of community partnerships. Councilors communicated their appreciation for the Strategy, notably Councilor McKeen called the Strategy an expression of the community values that Edmontonians possess. Mayor Iveson went on to say, “City council's unanimous support of the strategy and advocacy to other orders of government in its implementation offers opportunities to reinvigorate their collaboration with the indigenous and newcomer communities”.

Now that the Strategy has been officially approved, EndPovertyEdmonton will develop a 10 year Implementation road map that will find strategic alignments with current initiatives and local organizations that address poverty elimination.