10: A Guide for Cities Reducing Poverty

Last month’s conference, Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayor’s Lead saw hundreds of community leaders and elected officials descend upon Edmonton. Delegates learnt first-hand of the inspiring initiatives that municipalities across Canada are partaking in to address poverty in their communities.

One of the numerous outcomes of the conference was the release of Tamarack’s new book: 10- A Guide for Cities Reducing Poverty. This guide features 10 ideas to tackle poverty, 10 stories from cities that inspire, 10 resources that can be used to connect and 10 ideas to get it all started all in a concise book. Whether you are working for a municipality, at the grass roots level of community engagement or even in the business sector there is an incredible amount of information that can help in our collective poverty elimination goal.

You can download the guide for yourself here: http://vibrantcanada.ca/files/10_single_final_shareable.pdf

And be sure to check out EndPovertyEdmonton’s section on ‘Toward True Reconcilation’ and our human rights approach on page 23.