Child Benefit Enhancements Making a Difference

New and Enhanced Child Benefits Are Poverty Game Changers

Years of advocacy by many organizations at both the national and provincial levels finally resulted in meaningful change in 2016 according to a report prepared in partnership between the Edmonton Social Planning Council and the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation.

Effective July 1, 2016, a new Alberta Child Benefit (ACB) was introduced by the provincial government, and an existing suite of poorly targeted federal child benefits was replaced with a new Canada Child Benefit (CCB).

As a result of the child benefit changes, an Alberta family with two children making $30,000 annually will receive $4,300 more per year from the federal and provincial governments. These enhancements to child benefits will make the biggest difference ever in reducing child poverty.

The implementation of a new Alberta Child Benefit, and increases in federal child benefits, both on July 1, 2016, are child poverty game changers. These new benefits go some distance toward guaranteeing a basic income to all Alberta families with children.

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