EndPovertyEdmonton is hiring!

We are hiring! One of the most important EndPovertyEdmonton steps for this inaugural year is to find someone to head up the EPE Secretariat as the Executive Director. With significant funding committed by Edmonton City Council to the Road Map and EndPovertyEdmonton in December, the move to implementation and action is underway. The search is on for someone special to work with EPE's Stewardship Round Table, all Edmontonians and partners to steward and grow the Road Map and movement to end poverty in Edmonton in a generation.

Think about your circles of influence and individuals who you believe are bridge builders, movement makers and collaborators, and encourage them to apply! This position will be a critical step to activating EndPovertyEdmonton as a community entity. 

Here is the recently posted link to the EndPovertyEdmonton Executive Director position. It's on the City web site and has been posted on LinkedIn, the United Way Web site shortly as well, and we hope you will help share it broadly. It is open until March 8. Thanks to the City of Edmonton HR team and to our United Way partners for support in getting this out. Once the Executive Director position is filled, check back for updates on other positions for the Secretariat!