EPE Welcomes New Community Engagement Coordinator

Kourtney was born and raised in the North and is a member of Mikisew Cree First Nation. She obtained a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Alberta and completed a certificate in interdisciplinary leadership studies at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College.  


After spending most of her twenties as a student, first obtaining her high school diploma and then her university degree, Kourtney decided to put a hold on pursuing her quest to become a medical doctor.

Instead, Kourtney took a detour to find meaningful employment where she could use her gifts and abilities to serve the Indigenous community. As someone who walks in two worlds, Kourtney humbly sees herself as a bridge between the Western world and her Indigenous one. A cultural ambassador.

Kourtney jumped at the opportunity to accept a position at EndPovertyEdmonton. Statistics shows Indigenous people are over-represented in poverty and Kourtney believes that ending poverty in Edmonton addresses the legacy of colonization and advances reconciliation. With firsthand knowledge of Indigenous worldviews and a deep understanding of the history and effects of colonization, Kourtney sees herself as an ally in advancing this work.

As the Community Engagement Coordinator at EndPovertyEdmonton, Kourtney works closely with the Indigenous Circle to ensure that the policies, actions and advocacy work in ending poverty appropriately reflects the priorities and needs of Indigenous people.

Outside of work, Kourtney enjoys spending time with her son and dog. She is on her journey of healing through ceremony and reclamation of her Indigenous identity. Kourtney also enjoys the time she spends with her fellow committee members at Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton (WAVE), a group of strong women who empower other women and advocate for gender equality in YEG.