Road Map Actions Ongoing Progress

The EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map to End Poverty in a Generation was approved by City Council in 2016. Since then, a backbone organization to support the movement has been set up and many individual actions involving hundreds of partners across Edmonton, Alberta and Canada have been started. 

Progress on the Road Map actions is the broad work of many people contributing to the goal of ending poverty in a generation.

Check out our Year One Progress Report 2017/18 or explore the progress of specific actions below.

Action 1

Design and plan a new Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.

Action 2

Create spaces, events and opportunities to show and grow the talents of Indigenous Edmontonians.

Action 3

City of Edmonton to complete a review of programs and services to better reflect the needs of Indigenous peoples and champion the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action.

Action 4

Launch a Community Witness Program.

Action 5

Host an annual Day of Dignity to recognize and honour human rights and dignity for all.

Action 6

Provide opportunities and supports to vulnerable populations to participate in all City committees.

Action 7

Support and promote training opportunities to build understanding and end stigmatization between vulnerable people and law enforcement personnel.

Action 8

Develop policies and amend bylaws to provide law enforcement with structured flexibility when issuing minor infractions.

Action 9

Implement a social lab project to generate ideas and test prototypes to end racism.

Action 10

Work with local Indigenous and refugee youth on an anti-racism public awareness and action campaign.

Action 11

Expand initiatives on intercultural competency, anti-racism and trauma-informed training as mandatory for City staff.

Action 12

Incentivize business, educational institutions and not-for-profit employers to implement intercultural competency and anti-racism education in their institutions.

Action 13

Implement the Communities United initiative in five Edmonton communities.

Action 14

Draft a living wage policy for all City of Edmonton staff and contracted services to be approved by City Council.

Action 15

Actively encourage local employers in all sectors to learn about and implement living wage policies

Action 16

Expand the spectrum of financial empowerment initiatives.

Action 17

Initiate a community dialogue to remove systemic barriers and improve coordination of training and employment opportunities.

Action 18

Implement a low-income transit pass at 60% discount for eligible low income transit customers.

Action 19

Provide free transit passes for agencies to distribute to vulnerable youth and adults.

Action 20

Conduct a feasibility study of the costs and opportunities of free public transportation for children under 12 years.

Action 21

Evaluate Edmonton Transit Services (ETS) Late Night Owl Service and expand/improve service as appropriate for shift workers.

Action 22

Increase supports to the Community Bridge initiative to prevent evictions.

Action 23

Revisit and renew affordable housing agreements with other orders of government, implement a housing awareness campaign, and initiate a Centre of Excellence for social housing.

Action 24

Research leading practices on housing design and innovation and raise awareness of the need for and right to affordable housing.

Action 25

Resource the Edmonton Mental Health Steering Committee to implement the coordinated community mental health action plan.

Action 26

Support implementation of the Edmonton Suicide Prevention Strategy

Action 27

Advocate for increased funding and access to mental health services and education including the expansion of full service hours for multi-disciplinary mental health services

Action 28

Develop a corporate tool with a poverty lens to inform decision making at the City

Action 29

Resource a new Early Learning and Care Steering Committee to guide the implementation of an integrated system and strategy for early learning and care in Edmonton.

Action 30

Resource and grow the All In for Youth wrap-around initiative in five school sites.

Action 31

Establish a Community Development Corporation to invest in affordable housing and community economic development

Action 32

Advance the development and stability of local food system providers through access to appropriate business skill training, mentoring, and capital sources (both for start-up and to scale)

Action 33

Support ongoing work and facilitate discussion amongst Edmonton’s and Alberta’s financial systems players, business support agencies and postsecondary institutions to collectively address barriers faced by low income Edmontonians when starting or growing their own businesses

Action 34

Create a “Design by Doing” social innovation lab to catalyze grassroots community-led projects as prototypes to end poverty

Action 35

Produce participation toolkits that enable different groups to engage and empower them to action