Road Map Action 1

Design and plan a new Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.

Road Map Timeline: Years 1 - 5

EPE Strategy priority alignment: #1 - Establish an Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.

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During extensive community engagements undertaken by the Mayor’s Task Force in 2015, many Indigenous participants identified a longstanding need for a unique place where diverse Indigenous cultures could be brought together and celebrated.

The Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre project is focused on including Indigenous people in all aspects of the planning and development to ensure it provides an Indigenous gathering place that is welcoming to Edmonton’s diverse Indigenous population.



  • Formed an ICWC Steering Committee (fall 2017) and includes members of the Indigenous community, EndPovertyEdmonton Indigenous Circle, and City of Edmonton staff.

  • Held a Pipe Ceremony (March 9, 2018) asking the ancestors for guidance before commencing community engagements with Indigenous community members across the city to seek their input for the ICWC planning and design.

  • Initiated a broad-based Environmental Scan (E-Scan) in April 2018 which includes hosting community conversations with Indigenous peoples to identify options for the proposed Centre and research of existing Indigenous and related facilities.

The ICWC E-Scan is the initial step in the Strategy Phase of this project, which addresses action #1 in the EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map to Eliminate Poverty.


The ICWC has a focus on Indigenous youth of the future, seven generations from now, and how they will benefit from this long-needed Centre. A Community Engagement Launch was hosted on April 12, 2018, where participants were able to learn about the Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre background and provide their feedback. Indigenous peoples who participated shared early thoughts on its vision and planning.

As of July 2018, close to 500 people have participated in community conversations and more are scheduled at various locations throughout this summer.  Inputs from these conversations will be brought together in a final ICWC Environmental Scan report to be completed by the end of this year.


Visit ICWCYEG.com to learn more.

Visit the City of Edmonton page about the Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.


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Last Updated: August 8, 2018