Road Map Action 13

Implement the Communities United initiative in five Edmonton communities.

Road Map Timeline: Years 1 - 5

EPE Strategy priority alignments: #15 - Improve skills training to help people gain sustainable employment.
#16 - Improve literacy.
#24 - Reduce barriers for children and families to access services, including out-of-school care and respite care.

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This is a neighbourhood-based strategy to reduce poverty, that focuses on five core neighbourhoods: Bannerman, Clareview, Fraser, Hairsine, and Kirkness.

Communities United is an asset-based initiative that builds on the strengths of local communities.  It is an evolving initiative finding ways to support the bright ideas that emerge from the community to permanently move people out of poverty. The initiative is funded by United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Community Foundation. Four current priority areas of focus include thriving youth, boosting household income, local economic development, and community connections.

This community-based initiative has taken many steps, including:

  • Supporting the development of the Bannerman After School Program to fill gaps for youth between school hours and parents returning home from work.

  • Partnering with Action 4 Healthy Communities to assist in developing and hosting two rounds of, 14-week entrepreneurial training program Bridging Economic Empowerment Supports, with 40 entrepreneurs graduating.

  • Developing an employment strategy based on Labour Market and Community Research In partnership with Alberta Labour.

  • Helping to launch the MD AIDE program in Edmonton, which provided 3 students from these communities with subsidized Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) preparation, along with mentorship from physicians and medical students.

  • Providing support to community-driven initiatives including Bannermania, Abundant Communities, and the Metis Kitchen Party Dance Series.

  • Identifying a gap in workforce readiness to meet employer needs resulting in purpose-built programs to build capacity in language, workplace and intercultural skills.

  • Other initiatives based on using informal and professional networks to help community members find employment, including local job fairs (youth and adult targeted), and monthly industry specific information sessions.

  • Supporting local community member participation in the Tamarack Collective 3.0 National Conference.

Preliminary evaluation has been completed to review community mobilization and participation in this initiative.


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Last Updated: August 8, 2018