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Resource the Edmonton Mental Health Steering Committee to implement the coordinated community mental health action plan.

Road Map Timeline: Year 1

EPE Strategy priority alignment: #19 - Improve timely access to mental health and wellness services and addictions supports.

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The Community Mental Health Action Plan (CMHAP) was produced in October 2016 under the direction of the Edmonton Mental Health Steering Committee, chaired by the United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and the City of Edmonton.

Currently being implemented by more than 35 organizations, the plan is centered around promoting positive mental health – ensuring Albertans can access supports during a crisis and helping to prevent situations from developing into crises. The CMHAP has three main areas of focus:

  1. System Integration: working collaboratively across sectors to share resources and increase access to the full continuum of care of mental health and wellness services

  2. Service Delivery: building capacity of on the ground professionals, community members, individuals and families in navigating the mental health system

  3. Evidence Foundation: encouraging the use of evidence as the foundation for actions and practices

The Steering Committee is currently collecting information about community programs and services across the province and Métis Settlements and Reserves. By collecting all mental health and addiction information into one place, service providers, individuals, and caregivers are better able to find the right resources.



On October 4, 2017, more than 270 people attended an update and engagement session. After the session, nearly 100 of these participants committed to support the goals and intention of the Community Mental Health Action Plan. This session was followed up by a survey sent out to 1,600 people within the mental health community to better understand the current system and the opportunities that exist for improvement.

Interviews and meetings have been held with those who access the mental health system to find out what is required to navigate the current system and how to create an environment that is easier to navigate.

The Steering Committee has also met with representatives from Alberta’s Information Sharing Strategy and the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner to get feedback that will improve mental health professionals’ ability to share personalized information about clients in relation to provision of care.



To this point the Action Plan has taken many steps, including:

  • The development and implementation of a mental health system literacy training program for University of Alberta medical students.

  • Developing a living library of people who are experts in their field.

  • Creating a field guide that shares evidence-informed strategies to inspire organizations to create practice shifts: the promotion of positive mental health, the prevention of mental illness, early intervention, cost effective treatment models.

  • Developing a matrix with existing training available for professionals working with Albertans dealing with mental health and addiction issues.

  • Expanding and enhancing online services on the 211 Alberta website. (www.ab.211.ca)


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Last Updated: August 8, 2018