Road Map Action 29

Resource a new Early Learning and Care Steering Committee to guide the implementation of an integrated system and strategy for early learning and care in Edmonton.

Road Map Timeline: Years 1 - 5

EPE Strategy priority alignments: #23 - Plan and implement a system of early learning and care.
#24 - Reduce barriers for children and families to access services, including out-of-school care and respite care.
#25 - Advocate to the provincial government for the implementation of culturally sensitive curricula and for standards that require well-educated staff is all early learning and care centres.

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The Early Learning and Care Steering Committee (ELCSC) was formed in January 2017 to plan and implement a system of early learning and care (ELC) in the City of Edmonton. The committee, co-chaired by Jeff Bisanz of the EndPovertyEdmonton Stewardship Round Table and Councillor Bev Esslinger, comprises 19 members, including representatives from the City of Edmonton, the provincial ministries of Children’s Services, Education, Status of Women, and Health, Edmonton Public Schools, Edmonton Catholic Schools, the Muttart Foundation, Early Childhood Community Coalitions, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, Edmonton Community Foundation, YMCA of Northern Alberta, Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta, and MacEwan University, as well as representatives from the early learning and care field. The committee is funded by the City of Edmonton. This committee is working to create an integrated system for early learning and care in Edmonton that provides young children and their families with a range of high-quality services that are affordable, accessible, coordinated and available throughout the city.

The ELCSC is developing an outline of what Early Learning and Care (ELC) can look like in Edmonton.



In January 2018, a two-day workshop focused on Public Planning and Management was held. The purpose of the workshop was to learn from the experiences of other regional models and identify levers that can be mined and adapted to the Edmonton context. Based on learnings from the workshop, the ELCSC has developed its vision, mission, and principles for developing an integrated early learning and care system for Edmonton.


Next Steps

A comprehensive environmental scan is in progress with information about population trends, Early Development Instrument (EDI) results, service providers, and more.  Strategies are being developed to advocate for updating Play, Possibilities and Participation, the early learning and care curriculum framework, for Indigenous and newcomer content.

The next phase of the ELCSC’s work will be creating an outline of an integrated early learning and care system in the City of Edmonton to increase families’ access to high-quality, affordable services. This outline will include:

  • recommendations about the level and nature of public planning and management of services required to support integrated service delivery,

  • an analysis of the level or nature of integration that might reasonably be introduced within the short and medium terms,

  • suggestions for partners on ways to plan cooperatively,

  • delineation of the roles of key partners and the strategic leadership and support that will be needed,
    plans for engaging partners and mobilizing the plan, and,

  • an evaluation to inform future directions.


Learn more about the Early Learning and Care Steering Committee.


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Last Updated: August 8, 2018