Road Map Action 30

Resource and grow the All in for Youth wrap-around initiative in five school sites.

Road Map Timeline: Years 1 - 3

EPE Strategy priority alignments: #24 - Reduce barriers for children and families to access services, including out-of-school care and respite care.
#26 - Advocate to the provincial government for sustainable, predictable and adequate funding for a school-based "wrap-around" services.

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All in for Youth focuses on getting Edmonton’s youth successfully from kindergarten to their high school graduation – a critical milestone toward breaking the cycle of poverty. The initiative brings together programs and services in a new way to help socially vulnerable children achieve their best, by providing a range of coordinated supports to them and their families. It uses a wrap-around approach to support the diverse and complex needs of socially vulnerable children, youth and families. All in for Youth builds on the previous success of initiatives such as Partners for Kids, Schools as Community Hubs and Out of School Time.

A full range of supports has been implemented in five demonstration schools in inner-city Edmonton, including St. Alphonsus Elementary /Junior High School; John A McDougall Elementary School; Delton Elementary School, Spruce Avenue Junior High School and Eastglen High School. 15 other local schools, while benefiting from the learning from the full-service sites, are receiving partial services.



Early outcomes show success in increasing attendance, improving academic performance and resilience, as well improved support to vulnerable students and their families. During its first year of implementation, approximately 2,200 students accessed universal supports for overall well-being; 808 children and youth were supported with learning, leadership and recreation opportunities during the critical out-of-school time hours; 206 students received one-on-one mentorship; 131 students and families accessed formal therapy supports and 557 children, youth and families received short-term success coach intervention.

The supports and services being offered in each school is continually being evaluated and adjustments will be made based on need and uptake of services.



“When I reached out to the (All in for Youth provided) coordinator at my school, I was really stressed out thinking I was going to fail my tests. He helped me a lot because he was able to teach to my style of learning.” - student
“I was an emotional wreck. I was in constant burnout. But once I got into Grade10, (at a school supported by All in for Youth) I had so much help that that burnout became a flame of ambition.” - student
“If you have resources like the success coaches in our school – you can do anything.” - student
“I hated school. I didn’t want to show up. There just wasn’t anybody there to help you along.” However, that changed once this student began attending a school supported by All in for Youth programming, as now he wants to be at school all the time. – student
“Between all of us – the Success Coach, therapist, Roots and Wings worker and myself – we’re able to pull in the kids who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks or dropped out of school. We cover pretty much all of the areas of support that a youth could need, even if it’s just help them access outside services. I can’t imagine Eastglen not having this support now that it’s here. It’s amazing.” – Mentor, Eastglen High School.
"It is pretty incredible. I can't speak enough about this initiative. The number one difference in a kid's life is having a caring adult in their lives and we walk along-side students here." – Success Coach, Eastglen High School.


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Last Updated: August 8, 2018