Road Map Action 35

Produce participation toolkits that enable different groups to engage and empower them to action.

Road Map Timeline: Year 1

EPE Strategy priority alignment: #28 - Launch a collaborative broad-based community engagement and education initiative to change people's attitudes about poverty.

There are three initiatives as part of this action:

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In 2015 the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights initiated the YEG Dignity Campaign as an effort to break the stigmatization of poverty. The Campaign was a grassroots effort to engage Edmontonians in a dialogue and reflection on dignity and poverty, challenging stereotypes and fostering a community commitment to end poverty.

Also in 2015, the Centre facilitated four pop-up live mural paintings in public spaces throughout the city in partnership with local artists AJA Louden and Aaron Paquette. Four of the murals have been installed on the side of the Nina Haggerty Arts Building. Find out more about the campaign here:

On June 30, the John Humphrey Centre (JHC) was proud to find a permanent home for #YEGDignity murals at the Nina Haggerty Centre. JHC held a small reception launch which featured artists talks from Aaron Paquette and AJA Louden.

On the Global Day of Dignity in 2016, a fifth mural was created at City Centre Mall engaging participants in expressing their thoughts and ideas about dignity in Edmonton. In partnership with the Self Advocacy Federation and the Gateway Association, volunteers spanned city centre to talk to people and engage them in discussion about dignity and poverty.

In 2016, the goal was to engage students and residents throughout Edmonton to submit their stories or visual expressions of dignity. These stories and expressions contributed to the development of YEG Dignity’s first annual community magazine (zine) that challenges narratives around dignity. YEG Dignity 2016 spanned from September 21 - October 12, launching with the International Day of Peace, spanning throughout YEG Peace Festival and ending on October 12th, the Global Day of Dignity.

In 2017, the Centre worked with a team of youth to develop a series of short PSAs around voting and linked this to the Ignite Change! Global Gathering for Human Rights. End Poverty Edmonton utilized these tools in advance of the municipal election.

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights Dignity toolkit provides teachers, youth program leaders and volunteer facilitators a simple plan to facilitate with the Global Dignity and YEG Dignity Campaigns. The plan within the toolkit can be adapted for all age groups.

For 2018, the Dignity toolkit has been updated to reflect the theme for this year’s events: the intersection of disability and poverty.


Download the Dignity Toolkit (PDF).


PUBLIC AND Media Inquiry Contact: (780) 453-2638 or THE JOHN HUMPHREY CENTRe wEBSITE


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In February 2017, the END POVERTY Action Guide for Edmonton Religious and Spiritual Communities was produced in cooperation with the Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative and the Anglican Foundation of Canada.

Over 500 copies of the Action Guide have been distributed through EndPovertyEdmonton, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton, and Capital Region Interfaith Housing events. The Action Guides are currently being distributed through social networks and organizations, and in faith communities around Edmonton.


Download the INTERFAITH toolkit (PDF).


PUBLIC AND Media Inquiry Contact: Mike@interfaithhousing.ca

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Unhealthy conversation regularly causes breakdowns of both community and relationships and can inhibit collaboration. To help communities have good conversations around tough questions (such as housing or poverty), the Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative has put together a Community Conversation Toolkit, available for download on their website.


Get the Community Conversation toolkit.


PUBLIC AND Media Inquiry Contact: Mike@interfaithhousing.ca

Last Updated: August 8, 2018