1 out of 8 Edmontonians live in poverty.
Many of them are children.



Children in our city living in poverty.

Not all young Edmontonians share equally in the prosperity of our growing city. In particular, young Aboriginal Edmontonians experience significantly higher poverty rates than others.


Edmontonians working on a plan to end poverty in Edmonton

We’ve also connected with many more through social media conversations and in our research to seek solutions for poverty. We are all part of those solutions!


The annual cost of poverty in Edmonton. 

This works out to $2,700 every year for each taxpayer. Managing poverty costs us our future when our children are too hungry to learn.



Edmontonians currently living in poverty.

That’s about 1 in 8 of our citizens who make less than $16,968 per year for a single person and $33,936 per year for a family of four.


Edmontonians working full-time and earning less than $15/hr.

Many of these people struggling to make ends meet are women, lone parent families and recent immigrants to our city.



Let's end poverty together.