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Compassion to Action Training—March 2019

Posted: Oct 14, 2019

As part of the Community Mental Health Action Plan implementation initiative, two full-day sessions of Compassion to Action training delivered at end of March with Paladin Security officers and key staff of Oxford Properties working at City Centre Mall in Edmonton. Training supports a deeper understanding of the impact of mental health and adverse childhood experiences and challenges a more trauma informed approach to vulnerable populations. Twenty professionals attended.

Rapid cycle evaluation session with all participants immediately after the training, involving facilitated discussion about domains of content relevance, inclusiveness, usefulness, approachability, potential impact, and further (additional) suggestions not included in the domains.

Feedback was generally positive (e.g., training fostered empathy among participants, was interactive/immersive and practical).

Suggestions for improvement include more in-depth information (on complexities and how-to strategies), and opportunities for hands-on application.

The two trainers immediately incorporated feedback from the first day into planning for the second day as feasible and will consider all feedback when revising the training for future offerings.

Read the latest progress report

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