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LiftEd Podcast

EndPovertyEdmonton's twice-monthly podcast will focus on some of the most significant social issues facing the city of Edmonton, such as poverty, racism, affordable housing, income disparity, and houselessness. 

Hosted by EndPovertyEdmonton Executive Director Erick Ambtman and former Edmonton City Councillor Scott McKeen, the LiftEd Podcast will invite opinion leaders and subject matter experts to discuss topics and ideas around social impact, asking the question, “How can we make our communities healthier for all?”

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Episode 7

Tim Adams

Free Play (originally called Free Footie) may be known as the program where soccer superstar Alphonso Davies learned the game in Edmonton, but it's also a program helping thousands of kids graduate into being great people and great citizens, if not great athletes. Free Play is social innovation at its finest. Its founder, Tim Adams, is this week's guest on LiftEd.

Episode 6

Peter Smyth

Traditionally, the behaviour of at-risk and high-risk youth has been corrected through coercion or punishment, which only confirmed everything the traumatised kid already felt about the world and the adults who run it. Social worker Peter Smyth has a novel suggestion; Try patience and kindness instead. Peter joined the latest episode of LiftEd to discuss how a broader understanding of childhood trauma is helping change attitudes.

Episode 5

Shalini Sinha

Shalini Sinha, anti-racism advocate and educator and this week's LiftEd Podcast guest, argues that most of us suffer under inequitable systems of power and dominion. “People really don’t understand how positive anti-racism is for everybody, she says.” Tune in as Shalini shares her experience, values, and optimism.

Episode 4

Dr. Robin Mazumder

“What makes Edmonton special to me is it’s the friendliest city I’ve ever lived in.”

Those are the words of Dr. Robin Mazumder, an environmental neuroscientist whose research focuses on how urban stress affects us individually and collectively. Dr. Mazumder joins the LiftEd Podcast to discuss how urban design can support well-being and how issues of noise, safety and even public access are critical to health.

Episode 3

Anne Harvey

Social isolation is viewed as a quiet epidemic, as harmful to health as obesity or cigarette smoking. Humans are social creatures and need to feel seen and supported. Anne Harvey, Senior Director of School and Community-Based Programs at E4C, joins the LiftEd Podcast to talk about the many benefits of living a connected life and the causes of social isolation, including the rise of social media.

Episode 2

Don Iveson

“I still believe people are amazing in their own right.”

That's the response from former mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, when asked if he remains hopeful in a world where facts seemingly matter not and our politics too often mirror schoolyard bully tactics.

In episode 2 of the LiftEd Podcast he argues that climate and housing issues must be tackled together and that the challenge will bring the best out of us and our talent for creativity and innovation.

This is an episode you don't want to miss.

Episode 1

Introduction to LiftEd

How can we tackle haunting issues like poverty, racism, affordable housing, income disparity, and homelessness?

The LiftEd Podcast, brought to you by EndPovertyEdmonton, brings a non-partisan, optimistic view to some of the biggest social issues facing our city.

Join hosts Erick Ambtman, Executive Director at EndPovertyEdmonton, and former city councillor Scott McKeen as they discuss how the LiftEd Podcast will take on Edmonton’s most challenging social issues with opinion leaders and subject matter experts.

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