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EndPovertyEdmonton's Funding Reduced by Edmonton City Council

Posted: Feb 20, 2024


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In December 2023, Edmonton City Council voted to reduce 2024 funding for EndPovertyEdmonton by $600,000. Further decreases are planned for 2025 and 2026, with no City of Edmonton funding beyond that.

This funding decrease was unexpected, and the board of directors is actively assessing how it impacts EndPovertyEdmonton’s initiatives. The full scope of implications is still being determined, but the board is committed to upholding the core values that drive EndPovertyEdmonton's mission of eradicating poverty within a generation.

This is a period of uncertainty and a challenging time for everyone involved. We thank our partners for their patience and support through this difficult time.

Furthermore, Erick Ambtman, Executive Director of EndPovertyEdmonton, is no longer with the organization. The board of directors thanks Erick for his service to EndPovertyEdmonton’s mission of ending poverty in a generation and wishes him all the best with his future endeavours.

As we navigate this transition period, both EndPovertyEdmonton staff and its board of directors remain committed to providing updates as more information becomes available.

EndPovertyEdmonton Board of Directors,

Ben Henderson, Barhet Woldemariam, Martin Garber-Conrad

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