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Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre: The Journey Begins

Posted: Mar 03, 2018


In 2015, the Mayor’s Task Force to end poverty (the precursor to EndPovertyEdmonton) talked with many Indigenous Peoples and identified a longstanding need for a unique place and spaces where diverse Indigenous cultures could be brought together and celebrated. Participants also stated quite clearly “nothing about us without us” revealing a profound sense of partnership that was needed to go forward with a project like this. Action #1 of the EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map is: “to design and plan an Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.”

The work on the planning and design of the Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre really began in Fall 2017 with the formation of the Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre Steering Committee.

This dynamic committee, convened by the City of Edmonton to oversee the first phase of the project, a comprehensive environmental scan, is equally composed of Indigenous community members from the EndPoverty Edmonton Indigenous Circle and City staff.


The Steering Committee is seeking Indigenous Peoples input on the planning of an Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.

The Environmental Scan (E-Scan) will involve engaging Indigenous Peoples from all walks of life to identify what specific programs, services, activities and will inform the development of an Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre.

It has a generational focus in mind that Indigenous youth of the future, seven generations from now, will benefit from this exciting work.

Community engagement sessions for the E-Scan will begin in June 2018.

We need to hear from you!

Launching the work with the Community

A community launch for the E-Scan is scheduled for Thursday, April 12 at (location to be confirmed). Representatives from the Steering Committee, EndPoverty Edmonton, and the City of Edmonton will be presenting further information about this project. There will also be an early opportunity to network with others and share your voice while enjoying a light meal.

Please join us on the journey to move the work of an Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre together!

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