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It's Mental Health Week - But Are We Getting the Support We Need?

Posted: May 04, 2020

More than 70% of people engaged through EndPovertyEdmonton’s social media efforts to understand current conditions have indicated they have worsening mental health. As many as 40% of respondents are also indicating increased fighting in the home and between intimate partners.

I am experiencing days where I am triggered by past trauma. This manifests itself as dizziness, shaking and having to lie down. Being unable to be mentally present for my children.”
— engagement comment

“When we read the stories and look at all the numbers that are now becoming available, we have to see that we need two things right now: a basic income for all Canadians and more and better mental health support.” says Erick Ambtman, executive director of EndPovertyEdmonton. “Self-care cannot be the sum total of mental health support available, and though community groups are activating everything they can, it’s clear the problem is bigger than the available solution. Good mental health is vital to getting people and businesses through this and to a strong recovery.”

Recent blog posts on have highlighted mental health struggles:

“Since my work requires crowds and audiences, my work will not be happening for a long, long time… I try to believe that it is not my fault I am properly unemployed for the first time ever, but it’s hard to not blame myself.” - Aytahn Ross, performer “Pride & Humility - A Clown’s Story

“I am a single mom...There's no money coming in to cover any of my bills, and I am busying myself with homeschooling and keeping anxiety at bay, for my daughter's sake.” - Lisa Spencer Cook, small business owner

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