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LiftEd Podcast Episode 1 - An Introduction to LiftEd

Posted: Oct 04, 2023

Scott McKeen

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Welcome to the LiftEd Podcast, sponsored by EndPovertyEdmonton and hosted by its executive director Erick Ambtman, along with former city councillor Scott McKeen.

We’re hoping the twice-monthly podcast will live up to its name, LiftEd, by elevating many of Edmonton’s most challenging social issues into the public consciousness.

The LiftEd Podcast will invite opinion leaders and subject matter experts to discuss topics and ideas around social impact. How can we make our communities healthier for all?

How can we tackle haunting issues like poverty, racism, affordable housing, income disparity and homelessness?

Our hope is to be non-partisan and bring optimism to the table when discussing some of society’s biggest social problems. The last thing any of us need right now is more doom, gloom and polarisation.

Both Erick and Scott are newbies to podcasting, but bring years of prior experience to these discussions.

Erick holds degrees in Economics from the University of Manitoba and the London School of Economics. He worked as the Executive Director of Aboriginal Friendship Centres in Calgary, Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer and Fort McMurray. He also ran the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers before joining EndPovertyEdmonton.

Scott is a career journalist, who worked 24 years at The Edmonton Journal, covering everything from environmental and social issues to civic politics. In 2013 he was elected to city council where he served until 2021 representing Ward 6, the greater downtown.

EndPovertyEdmonton Executive Director, Erick Ambtman
Former city councillor, Scott McKeen

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