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The Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre: The Journey Continues

Posted: Jun 12, 2020

At EndPovertyEdmonton, our definition of poverty goes beyond just lacking economic or financial means. We believe that in order for people to fully participate meaningfully in our society, we need to take care of our social, cultural and emotional/spiritual lives as well as our financial means. Often, when these social needs are met, it’s far more possible to also meet economic needs too.

This is particularly relevant for many urban Indigenous People, who may be disconnected from the powerful supports of culture and community. Which is why an Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre (ICWC) has long been a priority for our community’s work to end poverty. Indeed, the development of a Centre is our very first of 35 Roadmap Actions. So we’re delighted to see work continue on the ICWC, and we’re happy to support everyone’s efforts to make it happen.

Spearheaded by a Steering Committee of local Indigenous People, the City of Edmonton, EndPovertyEdmonton and other allies, the development of the ICWC is guided by Elders, and grounded in ceremony and Indigenous teachings, like that of the Medicine Wheel, which works to serve our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs. A lot of work has been done over the last couple of years, consulting with Indigenous People to determine how the ICWC should function, and the purpose and role it would serve in the community.

To find out more about the ICWC, please visit their new website:

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