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Building Vibrant and Resilient Communities through Social Procurement

Posted: Oct 13, 2021

On September 23 & 24 the United Way of the Alberta Capital Region hosted their inaugural #C4C Collaborate for Change Social Purpose Summit. We were honoured to have our own Brooks Hanewich, Manager Strategic Initiatives (Livable Incomes) host a panel. Watch the recording below to discover how EndPovertyEdmonton's social procurement work is helping to build an economy for all and making Edmonton a vibrant and resilient community.

Workshop Recording: Socially Responsible Procurement and You – EndPovertyEdmonton
Brooks Hanewich, Manager of Strategic Initiatives at EndPovertyEdmonton
Roger Lockwood, Director of Procurement for the Corporate Procurement and Supply Services, City of Edmonton
Shane Bergdahl, Canadian Procurement Manager, SUEZ
Jason Deboski, Delnor Construction

During these challenging times of economic transition, shrinking public services, and pandemic-era realities, many companies are reassessing their strategies and recommitting to the communities in which they operate. A growing practice called Social Procurement is turning purchases of goods and services into social and environmental action and helping to build vibrant and resilient communities. Using procurement to reach financial and social goals helps community and creates value-add scenarios such as access to new labour pools, diversity within supply chains, and customer brand loyalty. Join EndPovertyEdmonton and a panel of experts and practitioners of social procurement from government, industry, and community organizations, and learn more about the policies, processes and procurement adding value to the Edmonton region.

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