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Issues & Impact: An inclusive economic approach to ending poverty

Posted: Oct 20, 2021

This video recording of a live event on October 4, 2021 was produced in local partnership : Dr. Maria Mayan, Community University Partnership, University of Alberta School of Public Health and the EndPovertyEdmonton Team

While the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately hurt many individuals and families, it also has offered unprecedented opportunity to support families and children through long-term structural changes. EndPovertyEdmonton (EndPovertyEdmonton), through its livable incomes game changer, is taking this opportunity to influence economic recovery and build a more inclusive economy. Critical to this success is the role of EndPovertyEdmonton as a convening body that works with various and atypical partners— beyond the social sector—to close the gaps that exist and contribute to an economy that works for all. In this presentation we will describe the work we have been doing, under the livable incomes umbrella, that deliberately pulls together two things that have traditionally been considered separate issues: economic development and poverty elimination.

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