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Inclusive Economy

What is

Social Procurement?

Every purchase has an impact. How we spend our dollars can make social, cultural and environmental change for good. Social Procurement is about using existing dollars and purchasing power to build more vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities.

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Social procurement includes:

  • Hiring people facing barriers to employment
  • Creating training and employment opportunities for people facing barriers to training
  • Buying from diverse owned businesses
  • Redirecting spending to social enterprises (businesses that focus on making a social impact)
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Building Opportunities

Through Partnerships

Through our partnerships with AB Seed and Buy Social Canada, and Momentum we help build opportunities that connect workers to industries interested in using their hiring practices and purchasing power for good.

We encourage businesses, municipalities and institutions to pay a living wage as part of the Alberta Living Wage Network and to spend for good - locally and in support of diverse owned businesses.

EndPovertyEdmonton, Momentum and Vibrant Communities Calgary have co-authored and released this Social Procurement Brief, titled Accelerating Economic and Social Impact Through Procurement Practices.

Want to get started purchasing from
local and diverse businesses?

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