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Workers Need Living Wages, Not Minimum Wages

Inclusive Economy

What is

Alberta Living Wage?

No one can live well on a legislated minimum wage. The cost of living is significantly higher. By paying a living wage, employers can ensure their employees are able to be healthy, productive and contributing members of their communities. 

EndPovertyEdmonton is a founding member and collaborator of the Alberta Living Wage Network. 

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The Living Wage Employer Program

Alberta Living Wage has created the Living Wage Employer Program and has been certifying both businesses and organizations paying a living wage since November 2021. The Alberta Living Wage Network calculates the Living Wage rate for many Alberta communities. 

Employers can find out more about becoming a certified living wage employer here.

Ryan Lacanilao on Alberta Living Wage

All workers need a living wage

No one can live well on a legislated minimum wage.

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