There is a wide variety of information on poverty available at a local, provincial and national level. This includes research, tools, methodologies, explainers and links. This list is periodically updated, so check back for more! 

Profile of Poverty in Edmonton Update 2017 Cover.png

A Profile of Poverty in EDmonton Update - February 2017


A Profile of Poverty in Edmonton - January 2015

End Poverty Action Guide Cover.png

End Poverty Action Guide


EndPovertyEdmonton 2017 Overview Cover.png

EndPovertyEdmonton - Game Changers


EndPovertyEdmonton - An Overview

Collective Impact 3.0 Cover.png

Collective Impact 3.0 - An Evolving Framework for Community Change


Ending Poverty in Edmonton - Stewardship Model Cover.png

Ending Poverty in Edmonton: A Stewardship Model for Community Change


EndPovertyEdmonton - Road Map.png

End Poverty in a Generation - A Road Map to Guide Our Journey


EndPovertyEdmonton - Strategy.png

End Poverty in a Generation - A Strategy


City of Edmonton - Poverty Benchmark Survey 2015 - Cover.png

City of Edmonton - Benchmark Survey - Edmontonians' Attitudes and Awareness Towards Poverty